Detroit, 1967

from by Benjamin R. Fuhrman



The rise of Detroit brought many into the new middle class, but did little to calm racial tensions. Exacerbated by racial segregation in housing, overt bigotry amongst law-enforcement officers, and white flight to the suburbs, inner city residents were forced into a distinctly separate and unequal state. All that was needed to spark an explosion was a match.

The match was lit on July 23, 1967, when police raided an unlicensed, afterhours bar filled with black patrons celebrating the return of two GI's from the Vietnam War. A crowd gathered as patrons were marched out of the club and forced to wait as the police arranged transportation. Eventually, a bottle was thrown, and the rioting began.

For five days, the city burned as police, the National Guard, and the US Military tried to restore order. 43 people died, 1,189 were injured, 7,231 were arrested, and the economic cost was enormous


from Concrete Oasis, released September 9, 2016



all rights reserved


Benjamin R. Fuhrman Lansing, Michigan

Benjamin R. Fuhrman is a composer based in Lansing, Michigan. He studied composition at Michigan State University with Ricardo Lorenz and Mark Sullivan, and violin performance at Hope College with Mihai Craioveanu.

his works have been performed throughout the world.

He is currently serving on the faculty at the MSU Community Music School, Mott Community College, and Oakland University.
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