Simple Economics

from by Benjamin R. Fuhrman



It amazes me how easy it is for politicians to hide their intent behind slogans. Appeals to emotion play well to a crowd and help to reinforce group identity. But I find it disturbing that so many politician's statements are reminiscent of Orwell's Newspeak - particularly when their decisions can decimate an industry or region and when the Internet allows for easy fact-checking.

Here, the words of various regional and national politicians are presented against a hypnotic background texture, lulling the listener into a compliant and receptive state. Statements filter in and out, as if changing channels, but presenting a unified message: "trust us; we know what's good for you." These are contrasted with clips lifted from local news reports that present the results of these politicians' decisions.

As time passes, the statements become more hostile as attempts to seduce the listener give way to appealing to prejudice when presented with contrary evidence, leaving the listener in a state of cognitive dissonance.


from Concrete Oasis, released September 9, 2016



all rights reserved


Benjamin R. Fuhrman Lansing, Michigan

Benjamin R. Fuhrman is a composer based in Lansing, Michigan. He studied composition at Michigan State University with Ricardo Lorenz and Mark Sullivan, and violin performance at Hope College with Mihai Craioveanu.

his works have been performed throughout the world.

He is currently serving on the faculty at the MSU Community Music School, Mott Community College, and Oakland University.
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